Ikalafeng has published, written
and contributed to several books
on a range of topics
from autobiographies, personal
marketing, brand leadership,
trends and society.

Writing Archive

  • Ruling-party Branding Race

    In marketing terms, the ANC is effectively the hypermarket of South African politics - it dwarfs its opponents some of whom have been forced out of business entirely.  More

  • Rebranding Organisations

    Deciding when to rebrand organisations is probably not that different from human makeovers, which are often linked to milestones in people's lives. Divorced women who change their hairstyles and...  More

  • How To Secure Your Dream Job

    Sell yourself as a package; present yourself as a business proposition. You are delivering a set of expectations related to your education, upbringing, attitude - your brand.  More

  • 7 Steps To Build A Distinct Personal Brand Aligned To Your World, Work And Passions

    Ever wondered how some people seem to have it all worked out? They are successful both at home and at work, and they seem to attract all the right opportunities. A distinctive personal brand...  More

  • What's In A Name?

    You know you've really arrived when the whole world calls you by just one name or when the mere mention of you're name elicits special attributes and distinct associations. This is the power of...  More

  • Making A Brand On A Tight Budget

    Google has become the world's most valuable brand, without spending a cent on advertising. Here are a few keys to building your brand without breaking the bank.   More

  • The CEO Drives The Brand

    Why the global evolution of chief executive officers into chief brand officers is leaving marketers out in the cold.  More