Ikalafeng has published, written
and contributed to several books
on a range of topics
from autobiographies, personal
marketing, brand leadership,
trends and society.

Writing Archive

  • New Brand Afrika

    Thebe Ikalafeng discusses the current state of Africa, the brand the world sees, while highlighting points for the future.  More

  • From Dandies of the 1950s to the Top Designers of Today

    With its members’ flamboyant couture, la Sape (Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes, or the Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo) was the embodiment of exaggerated elegance and...  More

  • Time For A Wake-up Call For The ANC

    The ANC might win the majority vote again but the DA and EFF are taking advantage to win new voters, writes Thebe Ikalafeng.   More

  • What Would I Do to Market South Africa Better

    A country brand is the perceptions and associations that everyone has of that country. Building a country brand is unlike any other challenge, it being affected by people, their culture, their...  More

  • No Easy Oscar For Brand Pistorius

    Even if he is convicted, Oscar will still have a life, unlike Reeva, even if it is behind bars, writes Thebe Ikalafeng.   More

  • Coming Out For Sake Of Humanity

    Uganda’s controversial leader is at home among some of Africa’s homophobic leaders and communities, writes Thebe Ikalafeng.   More

  • After 20 Years Of Democracy, What Matters Is State Of Leadership

    Each State of the Nation speech presented different states of national being for each president since democracy, writes Thebe Ikalafeng.   More

  • How Not To Run A Political Campaign

    Mamphela Ramphele has permanently tarnished her image by entering the election fray. She is ill-equipped for the cut and thrust of politics, writes Thebe Ikalafeng.  More

  • Time Of Reckoning For The Ruling Party

    Elections 2014 are a referendum on the adequacy of the ANC to be the omniscient party of South Africa, writes Thebe Ikalafeng.  More